Dayuan Floral Farm

The flowers of summer season (May to October) include basil, amaranth, multicolored peppers, catharanthus roseus, zinnia, cockscomb, mimosa, rose moss, hibiscus, torenia, portulaca, coleus, Chaotian pepper, persian violet, common crepe myrtle, Verbena tenera, Sulphur cosmos, medallion flower, head-shaped cockscomb and star cluster.
Flowers of spring, autumn and winter seasons (October to May) include redstring, pansy, garden cosmos, Dahlia, small tomato, multicolored carnation, French marigold, wax begonia, chrysanthemum paludosum, zinnia, golden daisy, snapdragon, African Touch-me-not, Chrysanthemum, verbena hybrida, Impatiens Nieum-Guinea hybrid, Petunia, Gypsophila, Silver ragwort and treasure flower.
The flowers of all year around (January to December) include Japanese Serissa, African Asparagus, Jasminum nudiflorum, golden dewdrop, kidney grass, Common Lantana, cuphea, Trailing Lantana, Aerva sanguinolenta and cyelon myrtle.

Business Hours: TUE to SAT 08:00-17:00
Day Off:SUN
Ticket: Free
Payment: Cash Only
Passenger Capacity:100
Parking: 10 cars
Facilities: Plant Area, Flower Field
Contact: Mr. LU / 0936-115777 / 03-3852606 /
Address: No. 112, Gongxue Rd., Dayuan Dist., Taoyuan City 337, Taiwan (R.O.C.)